Kavach 1 Kg Kavach, Fungicides, Syngentafungicide

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Syngenta India Limited

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Product Description

Product Name Kavach
Technical Name Chlorothalonil 75% WP
Target Disease / Fungus Anthracnose, Fruit Rot, Tikka disease, Early and Late Blight
Dose / Acre 200-250 Gm / Acre
Major Crops Grapes, Potato, Chilli, Banana, Tomato
Action Mode Contact action
Company Name Syngenta India Ltd

kavach fungicide

Product Description: The technical name is Chlorothalonil 75% WP. It is a broad-spectrum contact fungicide.

This Kavach fungicide has many outstanding applications. It provides excellent results when used prophylactically. The product is also highly effective against anthracnose.

Kavach acts as a preventive and curative measure in Disease Control.

The chemical Chlorothalonil is a multi-site inhibitor. It affects various enzymes and other metabolic processes in fungi. Kavach inhibits spore germination. And it is also toxic to fungal cell membranes.

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Target pest: Anthracnose, Fruit Rot, Tikka Disease, Early and Late Blight.

Dosage: 200 – 250 gm/acre.

Benefits: Kavach helps in preventive and curative measures to control diseases.

Application on crops: Kavach helps to control tikka leaf spots and the rust of groundnut. It also fights against early and late blight of potato, scab of apple, anthracnose, etc.