Opera 300 ML Opera, Fungicide

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BASF India Limited

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Product Description

Product Name Opera
Technical Name Pyraclostrobin 13.3% + Epoxyconazole 5% SE
Target Disease / Fungus Leaf Rust, Powdery mildew, Leaf blotch
Dose / Acre 200 ml/acre
Major Crops Wheat, Barley
Action Mode Contact and systemic fungicide
Company Name BASF India Ltd.

Information about Opera Fungicide


  • Enhances crop quality and output;
  • Control of disease of broad spectrum;
  • Improves crop tolerance in severe weather by boosting production of chlorophyll;
  • The features of translaminar assist limit the disease spread to other areas of the plant.
  • Effect of prevention, treatment and eradication;
  • Long-term effect;
  • The two active compounds have a high synergistic impact.

Mode of action:

For cereals and other plants Opera proposes systemic measures:

  • Rapid absorption and uniform plant coverage assure full safety;
  • Attack’s diseases and protects from other curative, preventive and eliminating infections;
  • Encourages the plant's natural defense.