Roko 1 Kg Roko, Fungicide

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Product Description

Product Name Roko
Technical Name Thiophanate methyl 70% WP
Target Disease / Fungus Paddy-Blast, Sheath Blight | Chillies-Powdery Mildew Anthracnose, Fruit Rot | Tomato-Wilt, Damping off Stem Rot, Leaf Spot | Potato-Black Scurf, Tuber Decay Tuber Rot, Leaf Spot
Dose / Acre Foliar Spray: 200-250 Gm / Acre, Seed Treatment: 2 to 3 Gm/kg of Seeds
Major Crops Papaya, Apple, Wheat, Tomato, Kakdi, Mango, Chilli
Action Mode Systemic, protective and curative action
Company Name Biostadt India Limited


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