Magic Roots 10 Gm (Pack of 3) 30 Gm Root Growth, More Branches, High Yield

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Infinte Biotech Co.

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Product Description

Dose/Acre 10 Gram per Acre* (2 Gram per Pump), For better results 2-3 times spray is advisable @ interval of 15-20 days (Before and After Flowering)
Content Lipid-based hormones (JAs) originally extracted from jasmine oil.
Benefits Strengths and expands the roots and stems. Rapidly develops the plants by dividing cells and expanding the roots. Prevents fall of flowers and fruits. Provides the micronutrients accumulated in the soil to the plants as required (works as a career). Increase the number of branches, flowering and hence enhance the yield. Dynamically increase the enzyme production of the plant, reduce stress and rejuvenate it.
Time of Spray For better results spray it 2-3 times.
Crops All Crops
Company Name Infinite Biotech Co.