Oxygold 100 ML Oxyfluorfen, Selective

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Indofil Industries Limited

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Product Description

Technical Name Oxyfluorfen 23.5%EC
Target Herbs / Weeds Rice: (Echinochloa spp,Cyperus Diformis,Cyperus iria,Fimbristylls miliaecheae,Eclipta alba,Ludwigia perennis), Tea: (Digitaria sp.,Imparata Cylindrica,Paspalum Conjugatum), Potato: (Chenopodium Album,Coronopus disymus,Haliotropium eichwaldi,Trienthema monogyna,Cyperus iria), Onion: (Chenopodium Album,Amaranthus album), Groundnut: (Echinochloa colona,Digitaria sp.))
Major Crops Onion, Tea, Potato, Groundnut, Rice, Garlic, Sugarcane
Dose / Acre Onion (170-340 ml/acre), Tea (260-400 ml/acre), Potato (170-340 ml/acre), Groundnut (170-340 ml/acre), Rice (260-400 ml/acre), Garlic (170-340 ml/acre)
Appropriate Spray Time Rice: (Pre-emergence treatment within four days after transplanting), Onion, Tea, Potato, Garlic, Groundnut, Sugarcane: Pre-emergence of weeds
Mode of Action Pre-Emergent Herbicide: It is applied before you see the weeds to prevent them from coming out. Selective: They target weeds without damaging surrounding plant.
Company Name Indofil Industries Limited