Patela 1 Liter Sodium Acifluorfen + Clodinofop-propargyl

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SWAL Corporation Ltd.

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Product Description

Technical Name Sodium Acifluorfen 16.5% + Clodinofop-Propargyl 8% EC
Target Herbs / Weeds Grassy Weed: (Barn Yard Grass (Echinochloa spp.), Crab Grass (Eleusine indica), Kangi Grass (Digitaria sanguinalis), Common buffalo grass (Panicum Maximum), Crow foot grass (Dactyloctanium aegyptium)), Broad Leaf Weeds: Copper Leaf(Acalypha Indica), Hazardana(phyllanthus nirun), Day Flower(Commelina bengalinsis), false amaranth(digera arvensis), cock`s comb(celosia argentes), dudhi (euphorbia spp.), carrot grass (parthenium spp), papotan (physalis minima), carpet weed (trianthema monogyna), sticky cleome (cleome viscosa), alligator weed (alternanthera philoxeroides ), green amaranth (amaranthus spp.), chickweed (stellaria media)
Major Crops Soyabean
Dose / Acre 400 ml/acre
Appropriate Spray Time For the best results, apply it when the weeds are in the 2-4 leaf stage, normally 20--24 days after sowing of soybean crop.
Mode of Action Post Emergent Herbicides: Post-emergent herbicides work on weeds that have already grown. Selective: They target weeds without damaging surrounding plant.
Company Name Swal Corporation Ltd.


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