Evicent 24 Gm Emamectin Benzoate 5% + Lufenuron 40%

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Syngenta India Limited

Product Description

Technical Name Emamectin Benzoate 5% w/w + Lufenuron 40%w/w WG
Dose 24 Gm / Acre
Target Pests / Insects Fall Army Worm (in Corn) / Fruit Borer, Thrips and Mites (in Chilli) / Diamond Black Moth and Fruit Borer in Cauliflower.
Major Crops Corn, Chilli, Cauliflower.
Action Mode Ensures effective kill of the target pest with a dual mode of action. The target pest stops feeding in 1-2 hours and dies within 12-24 hours. It works on GABA receptors, inhibiting muscle contraction and also disrupts the formation of endo-cuticle resulting in fast action and long-lasting control.
Company Name Syngenta India Ltd


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    nil Desai

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    bhida ma use thy sake??

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    Excellent product. Nice results...