vardaan 1 Liter Mix Micronutrient

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Product Description

Content Fe-2.5%, Mn-1.0%, Zn-3.0%, Cu-1.0%, Mo-0.1%, B-0.5%
Dose For foliar spray - 3.0 to 5.0 ml per litre. For drip irrigation - 1 - 2 litre per acre
Benefits VARDAAN liquid contains all inorganic micronutrients required by plant in desired proportion. Raw materials used are most pure and hence VARDAAN liquid is clear, transparent and instantly soluble in water. VARDAAN liquid is free from sodium, chlorides and toxic metals and hence does not give any scorching effect on leaves. It is safe for root system when used for fertigation. VARDAAN liquid is applied on all crops by foliar spray. It is also preferred to be used for drip irrigation since it dissolves in water instantly. It is user friendly. All elements are made immediately available to plants when applied through foliar spray. Foliar spray is preferred when soil pH is very high. When applied, plants become healthy and disease resistant and gives best yield and quality of farm produce. Shading of leaves, flowers and fruits is controlled. Do not use with any of the phosphatic water soluble fertilizer. VARDAAN liquid can be formulated according to local requirements of customers.
Technical Name Mix Micronutrients


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