Alcon 5 Kg Npk Consortia

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Product Description

Technical Name NPK Consortia-Biofertilizer
Benefits Alcon fixes the atmospheric nitrogen to the plant, supplies phosphorous to the plants & enhances potash up take in plants. It improves plant vigor& health. Improves the organic content and microbial population of the soil.
Dosage Soil/seed treatment/ root dip/ drip irrigation/with FYM. Individual Plants 2ml / 2 grams / liter of water and apply directly into the soil.
Product Description Alcon is a consortium of nitrogen fixing. Phosphorus solubilizing and potassium mobilizing microorganisms. which are Azospirillumsp, Bacillus sp, and fruturiasp are combined to produce the consortium. Alcon will provide balanced forms of micronutrients into available form. It decreases the hardness of soil by increasing porosity and water holding capacity. It increases the resistance power of plants. It is available in liquid and powder form.
Content (Bio NPK liquid fertilizer) Alcon consortium liquid based -1x100000000 CFUs/ml. Alcon consortium carrier based- 5x10000000 CFUs/ml.