NT-222 50 Gm Attractive Dark Green

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Product Description

Technical Name Bitter Gourd seeds
Fruit Girth 4-4.5 Cms
Fruit Shape Spindle
Other Features Should be avoided in geographies with very low temperatures in winter
Sowing season - Rabi Highly suitable for Kharif Season. Seed Rate: 0.8-1.5 Kg per acre. Sowing Space: Between Rows: 4-5 Feets, Between Plants: 2-3 Feets.
Disease Reaction Moderately tolerant to Powdery mildew
Yield potential High yield potential
First picking (Days After Sowing) 50-55 Days
fruit Length (Cm) 18-20 Cms
Fruit weight (grams) 110-120 Grams
fruit Color Attractive Dark Green Fruits