Korea Long 10 Gm 18-20 Cms, Thick Skin

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Pyramid Seeds

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Product Description

Other Features Thick skin. Tasty Fruits. Fruit weight is 25-30 grams.
Sowing season-Kharif Seed Sowing rate: 100-120 Gm /Acre. Sowing distance: Between Rows: 60 Cms, Between plants: 45 cms. June-Oct. For green chilli. Year round cultivation under irrigation.
Disease/pest reaction Tolerant to Mosaic Virus.
Utility/Market Suitable for fresh and dry market.
First Picking (Days After Transplant) 65 Days after transplanting
Surface Shiny skin
Pungency Pungent Fruits
Technical Name Chilli Seeds
Fruit Diameter 1 - 1.5 Cms
Plant habit Plants are strong and tall.
Fruit Length (cm) 18-20 Cms
Fruit Color (Mature) Light Green Colour
Duration (Days After Transplant) Medium Early
Fruit Color (Immature) Light Green Colour