NU-04 10 Gm More Pungent, 9-10 Cms

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Pyramid Seeds

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Product Description

Technical Name Chilli Seeds
Fruit Diameter 3.5-4.5 cms
Other Features Fruit Weight is 55-65 gms.
Sowing season-Kharif Seed rate: 100-120 g per acre. Spacing (row to row x plant to plant): 60cm x 45cm. Suitable for kharif and summer seasons.
Disease/pest reaction Resistance to Anthracnose and Dieback
Utility/Market Suitable for fresh markets
Pungency More Pungent
Fruit Length (cm) 9-10 cms
Fruit Color (Mature) Green fruits
Duration (Days After Transplant) Early
Fruit Color (Immature) Green fruits