BioSoft 5 Kg Beauveria Bassiana

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Product Description

Ingredients Beauveria bassiana
Dose/pump Spraying: Use 15 Gram per 15 Liters Water at 20 days interval. Drench Biosoft in soil @ 250-500 gm per acre for controlling soil dwelling insects like termites, white grubs and caterpillars. Apply through drip irrigation @ 250-500 gm Biosoft for 1 acre crop / plantation for soil dwelling insects.
Target Insects/Fungi All sucking pests like Aphids, Jassids, white fly, thrips, mites, hoppers, mealy bugs and scale insects. All cater pillars like American boll worm, army worm, pink boll worm, fall army worm, borers, cut worms and white grubs.
Description Water soluble, Low dose, high field efficacy, no staining on sprayed leaf surfaces and can be tank-mixed with half doses of chemical insecticides and all Sulphur based fungicides. Do not use with chemical fungicides.


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