Sudozone (High Potency) 500 Gm Bionematicide-pgpr

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Product Description

Dose/pump Seed Treatment: @ 3-5 gm per kg seeds. Soil Application: Drench the soil with Sudozone @ 500-1000 gm and 200-400 lit water per acre. Spray Application: @ 2-3 gm/lit water.
Target Insects/Fungi Preventing root invasion caused by soil nematodes thereby not giving access to soil pathogenic fungi to enter the plant root systems. It helps in seed germination, plant growth and early flowering and fruiting of the crops. It is an excellent product to control Bacterial Leaf Blight of Paddy.
Description Sudozone is useful for all field, fruit, vegetable, plantation, forest, ornamental, green house, landscape, turf and many other agricultural crops. Do not use with chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides, chemical fungicides.


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